All The Little Things You Do is award-winning Canadian trumpeter, vocalist, composer and bandleader Rebecca Hennessy’s most recent studio album. This album heralds her debut as a singer-songwriter and is being released in the profound time between the recent death of her mother and the birth of her first child. This beautifully written, performed and produced album speaks to the experiences of love, grief and mental health with a new voice, emerging from a deep and diverse musical career. 

Her band on this album includes world-acclaimed and celebrated musical voices, including guitarist, Kevin Breit (Sister’s Euclid, Johnny Goldtooth, Norah Jones); pianist, Tania Gill (Happiness Project, Tania Gill Quartet); bassist, Michael Herring (Peripheral Vision, Bona Fide Scoundrels) and drummer, Dave Clark (Rheostatics, Gord Downie). Extra musical guests on this album include The Upper York Mandolin Orchestra, Thomas King (CBC’s Dead Dog Cafe, Inconvenient Indian), Tom Richards (The Heavyweights Brass Band, The Human Rights), Drew Jurecka (Jill Barber, Royal Wood), Claire Doyle (YUKA) and Alex Samaras (Beverly Glenn-Copeland and The Queer Songbook Orchestra).

In 2018, Rebecca won the Toronto Arts Foundation Rising Jazz Artist Award. In 2016, her FOG Brass Band was nominated for both the Montreal Jazz Festival’s Grand Prix de Jazz and the Galaxie Rising Star Award at the Halifax Jazz Festival. In 2017, Rebecca was commissioned by Silence in Guelph to compose new music to a selection of acclaimed author, Thomas King’s (CBC’s Dead Dog Cafe, The Back of the Turtle, Inconvenient Indian) new poems. In 2019, she wrote a big band arrangement of one of these commissioned pieces, “Dig Up The Stories”, for the = Jazz Orchestra & Christine Jensen at the Ottawa Jazz Festival, presented at the National Arts Centre. “Dig Up The Stories” can also be heard on All The Little Things You Do. 

…have found it increasingly endearing after many listens. It is extremely enjoyable in a package that might be considered “light” if one didn’t pay attention. ★★★★ out of five

Keith Black – Winnipeg Free Press

It is a sonically-inspiring recording that is warm, clear, balanced and engaging… Hennessy’s trumpet playing is warm and expressive and Breit burns through some spirited and soulful guitar lines.

David Reed – Kingston Whig Standard (PostMedia)

Now and then, an album arrives that not only surpasses expectations but demands a wholesale reappraisal of the artist. A case in point is All The Little Things You Do, which recasts Rebecca Hennessy from jazz trumpeter to a singer-songwriter of the first rank. Having already distinguished herself with her FOG Brass Band project, the Toronto-based artist does so as arrestingly with this latest endeavour… The album makes one excited to contemplate what the future holds for this singular talent. For now, Hennessy can draw immense satisfaction from the wondrous accomplishment that is All The Little Things You Do. Clearly a major step in her development, it’s an album that can’t be recommended too highly.

Ron Schepper –